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Robotic Lawnmower  Husqvarna Automower®

Husqvarna is known as the world leader in robotic lawnmowers. We are proud to have started the robotics revolution and we will not stop as long as there is a garden to tend.

Today, more than 2 million gardens around the world have a Husqvarna robotic lawnmower. The Automower® robotic lawnmower continues to achieve excellent results in external tests and trials.

The Automower® robotic lawnmower is known for its high reliability and minimal downtime. Day and night, rain or shine, you can count on it to get the job done effortlessly.

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Reasons to buy an Automower® robotic lawnmower


lawn mower Automower® is very easy to operate and allows you to have more free time, since it takes care of lawn maintenance without any help. These are some of the advantages offered by the Automower® lawnmower to make your job easier:

  • Once installed and configured the Automower® robotic lawnmower, this is responsible for cutting the lawn correctly and autonomously, without the need for you to perform any type of task. The only thing you will have to do to get a perfect lawn finish is to occasionally use a grass trimmer.

  • With the Automower® robotic lawnmower you will have freshly cut grass throughout the day because it trims it a little with each pass. Plus, the clippings are small enough to be recycled back into your lawn as natural fertilizer, so you won't have to worry about them.

  • You don't have to refuel or worry about electrical cables as the robotic lawnmower drives to the charging station on its own and stays there until the battery is sufficiently charged and ready for the next mowing session.

  • Very little maintenance is required. From time to time, depending on the size of the lawn, you will need to spend a few minutes cleaning the grass off the wheels and chassis. Also, replace cutting blades regularly is essential for excellent cutting results.

How does AUTOMOWER® work?

Meet the safety of AUTOMOWER®

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