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Things to keep in mind when buying oneBRUSH CUTTER

  1. It is important that the brushcutter is easy to start, especially if you are not very experienced.

  2. Strong power, high torque and quick acceleration are important factors for cutting dense vegetation, but don't pick an unnecessarily heavy machine if you're going to be working long hours.

  3. Make sure the harness distributes the load, for greater comfort and efficiency of use

  4. Also check that the handlebar can be oriented with respect to the tube to avoid uneven load on the back.

  5. Make sure the handlebar can be folded for transport and storage

  6. Our engines have emission controls, for the good of your work environment as well as the environment as a whole

Things to keep in mind when buying oneTRIMMER

  1. Make sure the trimmer is powerful and capable of revving up quickly for maximum efficiency. With a low power trimmer, the trimmer line becomes tangled and breaks more often.

  2. A comfortable handle is essential, as it makes garden work more pleasant and prevents injuries and overexertion

  3. Engine should be easy to start and stop

  4. To protect your back and make work easier, your lawn trimmer should be as light as possible for the task at hand.

Compare and select the EDGE OR BRUSHCUTTER that fits your needs

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