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Data to choose the right tractor

  1. A tractor with integrated collector offers the most efficient collection system

  2. When cutting tall and thick grass, the most effective cutting equipment is the side ejection

  3. Thanks to the different types of accessories, our tractors can be adapted for BioClip® collection, cutting and ejection, to suit your type of grass and mowing habits

  4. Most tractors with integrated collector (CT/CTH models) incorporate a BioClip® inlet as standard, while the deflector for rear ejection can be purchased as an accessory

  5. Most side ejection tractors can be equipped with the 2 or 3-drum pick-up attachment

  6. All side ejection tractors can be equipped with BioClip® cutting attachments

  7. Since integrated pickup tractors do not have a protruding deflector on the mower deck side, they can work in tighter spaces than side ejection models

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Compare and select the tractor that suits your needs


Characteristic of a Husqvarna tractor

Cutting system of a Husqvarna tractor

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